Company Overview

Puzzle Piece Technologies Inc. is an IT Services corporation based in Valencia California. Founded in 2002, it's mission has been to provide superior service and support to it's clients in a wide variety of fields such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, non profit, entertainment, military, finance, security, legal and government agencies.

Company History

Puzzle Piece Technologies was founded by Alexander Hales on February 1st, 2002, which marked the culmination of a career in technology that began in 1992. While earning his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and working for the Computer Science Corporation (CSC) Alexander gained experience on how large enterprise organizations manage technology. After leaving CSC and completing his bachelor’s degree, Alexander enlisted in the US Marines where he built and managed highly complex Combat Operations Centers. After 6 years of service as a Data Chief and Cyberwarfare Specialist, Alexander honorably discharged from the military and returned to the civilian sector. Although able to pursue a continuing career in enterprise or government he realized the need for skilled technology professionals was not in big business, but in small and medium size business where enterprise level service and support was near non-existent. Determined to bring this high level service to the masses, he founded Puzzle Piece Technologies where it has thrived providing superior service, engineering and support to hundreds of businesses both here in California and throughout the United States.