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Company History & Overview

Puzzle Piece Technologies™ is an IT Services corporation based in Valencia California. Founded by Jason Fudenberg on April 17th, 2020 and later co-owned with his partner Alexander Hales, its mission has been to provide superior service and support to its clients in a wide variety of fields such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, non profit, entertainment, military, finance, security, legal and government agencies.

The Partners

A picture of Jason Fudenberg

Jason Fudenberg

Starting with his first Commodore VIC 20, Jason Fudenberg fell in love with computers and technology.  This passion launched a successful career in the IT consulting industry and his current collaboration with Alexander Hales in creating Puzzle Piece Technologies.


Prior to founding Puzzle Piece Technologies, Jason was the co-founder of Sandbox Technologies which he grew over twenty-two years from a startup in 1997 to a well-respected Los Angeles-based provider of networking and IT support services. Prior, Jason was a Senior Engineer at Computer Physicians in Glendale and a Park Operations Manager at Universal Studios Hollywood after graduating from Occidental College, where he majored in Sociology, Education and Communications.


In 2009, Jason was one of the first to experience the exhilaration of his own electric sports car, a Tesla Roadster and has turned his enthusiasm for electric cars into being the President of the Los Angeles Tesla Owners Club. If Jason isn’t working on a networking project for a client, he is probably burning electrons driving his Tesla through the hills of Los Angeles.

Alexander Hales has decades of experience working in the technology industry going back to the early 1990's and culminating in the partnership that is now Puzzle Piece Technologies. Alexander started his professional career in technology while earning his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. During Alexander's freshman year of collage, he was selected out of 1,200 other applicants to work for the Computer Science Corporation (CSC) where he gained immense experience on enterprise technology for the US Airforce.


After completing his bachelor's degree in just two years, he left CSC and enlisted in the US Marines where he built and managed highly complex Combat Operations Centers. After serving for 6 years, he was honorably discharged from the Marines as a Data Chief and Cyberwarfare Specialist, and returned to the civilian sector. Although able to pursue a career in enterprise or government tech, Alexander chose to focus his talents on small and medium size businesses (SMB) where enterprise level service and support is near non-existent.

Thus on February 1st, 2002 Alexander started a highly successful company called Hales Technology, providing IT services for small and medium sized businesses. For18 years Alexander ran his own company until he merged talents with Jason Fudenberg to start what is now Puzzle Piece Technologies. A business that thrives on providing superior service, engineering and support to hundreds of businesses both here in California and throughout the United States.

A picture of Alexander Hales

Alexander Hales

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